Cost of Living

Inflation and the rising cost of living have made Alberta less affordable. While Alberta can’t control the global factors that have led to inflation, the Alberta government can and should take action to ease the burden on Albertans.  

The Alberta Liberals will fight for programs that put money back in your pocket, help Albertans weather the inflationary storm, and make life more affordable in the long term. 

Affordable Housing: Whether you're looking to buy a home or just rent a single-bedroom apartment prices are out of control and only growing. While there is no overnight solution to this we can drive prices down in the long run by:

  • Doubling provincial government funding for the creation and maintenance of affordable housing. 
  • Working with municipalities to help fast-track the development of more housing projects, with a focus on housing for low and middle-income Albertans. 

Eliminate School Fees: An Alberta Liberal government wouldn’t nickel and dime families. We support the elimination of school fees once and for all. 

$10-a-day Childcare: The Alberta Liberals support the federal government’s $10-a-day childcare program and believe its implementation should be accelerated. We would work to address space shortages to ensure every parent has access to this program. 

Addressing Energy Prices: Neither the UCP nor NDP's approach to energy prices has been quite right. We’ll work with industry, experts, and consumers to keep prices low and the electricity market sustainable. We would continue current electricity price rebates but make them more broadly available to Albertans and would negotiate for provincial energy price caps rather than deferrals of energy costs. 

Maintain and Enhance Current Programs: Alberta Liberals support maintaining and enhancing current affordability programs to reach those at low income levels who have been left out of the current government’s inadequate program. 

Supporting the Canada Pension Plan: The Alberta Liberal Party opposes the costly and reckless plan to replace the Canada Pension Plan with an Alberta Pension Plan.