Canada Day Statement 2021

Originally Published July 01, 2021

Interim Leader John Roggeveen issues the following statement in recognition of Canada Day: 

Canada Day is usually a time of celebration where we recognize the accomplishments of our nation. However, with the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at the location of former residential schools, let us reflect on our successes and also our failures this Canada Day. This Canada Day is also a day to grieve for the losses that First Nations have endured.

We must recognize the importance of truth and how we can achieve reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Throughout Canada’s history, Indigenous people have been gravely mistreated and subjected to racist and horrific practices. Even today, Indigenous peoples face injustices that should not exist in modern Canada. 

There is much to be proud of as Canadians, including the promise of freedom and equality made to all our citizens. Sadly this promise has not been kept to all people. Let’s work together to ensure that in all Canada Days to come, Canadians can be proud of the progress we’ve made but also realize the improvements we must continue to make, to find the truth and to achieve full reconciliation.