Media Release: Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen offers Albertans a better choice at Liberal campaign launch

Calgary, AB (April 30th, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen kicked off the Alberta Liberal 2023 election campaign today in Calgary. 

Roggeveen laid out the Alberta Liberal message for the 2023 election to supporters and media at the Franklin Atrium in Calgary. 

During his speech, Roggeveen stated, “The UCP and the NDP are so busy fighting each other that they’ve lost sight of what’s really important. We haven’t. We are focused on jobs, affordability, education, and healthcare. 

“Alberta Liberals are about honest conversations, treating everyone with respect, and working hard for Albertans. That’s who we have always been. That’s what we’re offering Albertans this election.”

Roggeveen also announced at the event he will be running in Calgary-Lougheed this election.   

Roggeveen stated, “Calgary-Lougheed is a vibrant and growing constituency. It deserves a better choice in this election. And an MLA who will represent everyone in the community.”