Alberta Liberals Unveil Education Platform

Calgary, AB (May 16th, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen has unveiled the Alberta Liberal education platform to support teachers and improve outcomes for students. 

Roggeveen stated, “Education enriches lives and builds strong economies. Albertans have told us strong public K to 12 are a top priority. And we listened. We are here to give Albertans a better choice on Education.

“We know overcrowded classrooms hurt the academic performance of students and burn teachers out. Yet NDP and conservative governments have continued to ignore class size guidelines compromising the education of Alberta’s students. Guidelines do not go far enough. We are calling for class size caps to ensure every student gets the education they deserve. 

“To further improve our classrooms we are also advocating for more funding for inclusive education, mental health supports in the classroom, and reversal of the ill-conceived and ideological UCP curriculum review. 

“To fund these needed investments we are calling for $1.2 billion more in funding for education. This new funding will drag Alberta from last in public education funding to the national average. Make no mistake, this funding is needed and will pay dividends down the line. A strong education system makes for a strong economy and a vibrant society. 

“Alberta Liberals are also calling for funding to be prioritized towards public schools over private schools. And for charter schools to return to their intended purpose and ensure that they are incubators of innovation rather than stepping stones to private school status. True equality of opportunity requires a robust public system that does not give some students advantages at the cost of others. 

“A rich society and a strong economy both start with a well-funded education system. Educators and students have been left behind by the UCP and NDP but we are here to remind Alberta they have a better choice on education.”