Alberta Liberal Stance on Coal Mining

Originally Published January 18, 2021

Over four decades ago visionary Premier Peter Lougheed looked ahead at protecting nature in Alberta. Right now Jason Kenney is looking back 50 years for ways to help foreign companies get rich. 

The Alberta Liberals unequivocally support both the reinstatement of the Lougheed era Coal Policy and its strengthening. We must protect our Eastern Slopes and other landscapes for the following reasons:

  1. Protecting our Water: Unregulated coal mining will have devastating effects on our headwaters, compromising the Alberta and Saskatchewan water supply.
  2. Habitat Protection: Protective regulation is critical to preserving the natural habitats of threatened species such as grizzly bears. 
  3. Preserving Natural Beauty: Alberta's pristine nature is both crucial to our tourism industry and a legacy for our children. It should not be compromised so that foreign companies can earn some quick cash. 
  4. Combating Climate Change: Climate change poses a greater risk and a greater cost to humans and the rest of nature each year. We need to be looking at reducing our carbon footprint, not ramping it up. 

For the reasons above, we are part of Albertans' growing chorus speaking out against this disastrous policy.