Alberta Liberals Unveil Affordability Platform

Calgary, AB (May 11th, 2023): Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen has unveiled the Alberta Liberal Plan to address inflation and make life more affordable for Albertans. 

Roggeveen stated, “Inflation and the rising cost of living have made Alberta less affordable. While Alberta can’t control the global factors that have led to inflation, the Alberta government can and should take action to ease the burden on Albertans.  

“We want to see the existing affordability programs expanded and improved upon. They are a good start but are insufficient to address the financial pressures many Albertans face. The electricity rebate program, for example, is poorly designed and leaves behind certain renters. It must be retooled. The current government’s program leaves out many vulnerable people who don’t fit within the government’s narrow focus for subsidies.

“We are also calling for an end to all school fees. It’s time to stop nickel-and-diming parents. Public education should be just that, public.

“We need to develop a provincial strategy to address childcare spacing shortages to take full advantage of the federal $10-a-day childcare program.

“To address affordability in the long run you must look at housing. We are calling for a doubling of the funding for building and maintaining public affordable housing. In addition, we support working with municipalities and developers to fast-track the development of more housing projects with a focus on housing for low and middle-income Albertans and in places that are most in need. 

“Albertans are being faced with undesirable choices. Both financially and electorally. Alberta Liberals are working hard to give them better choices this election.”