Accountable Government

Accountable Government

We want to reform government in Alberta to make it more accountable to you. That means fixing our electoral system, increasing access to information, and giving more power to the municipal governments who represent you at the local level. 

Proportional Representation: Our winner-take-all electoral system isn’t fair. It leaves over half the votes cast uncounted, reduces female and minority representation, and disenfranchises voters. The Alberta Liberals are committed to implementing a proportional representation voting system to make sure all Albertans have a voice, and a choice, in each election. 

Greater Autonomy for Municipal Governments: Alberta Liberals support amending the Municipal Government Act to formally recognize municipalities and their councils as an order of government within their jurisdiction. We also believe in granting Calgary and Edmonton new revenue-generating powers, subject to limitations.

Stable and Predictable Funding: Alberta municipalities must be given stable and predictable funding. Growing a community and providing quality services requires long-term planning. That planning requires a provincial government that commits to a stable funding model. 

Stronger Advocates: We will boost funding for the offices of the Health Advocate, the Mental Health Patient Advocate, and the disabilities advocate, and reinstate the Seniors Advocate. We also support establishing a Legislature Budget Officer to cut through the political spin and provide Albertans with unbiased, fact-based fiscal analysis.

Bolstering Non-Profits: Alberta Liberals understand the vital role non-profits play in our society. We are committed to:

  • Sharing more data, communicating more frequently, and working more collaboratively with non-profits.
  • Investing more money into the non-profit sectors to help address funding shortfalls caused the by the pandemic. 
  • Working with non-profits to develop a strategy to address labour shortages in the sector.