Join the Alberta Liberal Big Tent

We are the Alberta Liberal Party.

As Alberta’s oldest political party we are unapologetically Albertan. No one has fought longer and harder for Alberta than us. 

Our vision is to foster freedom, opportunity and prosperity through a strong free-market economy, effective public services, environmental responsibility and inclusivity. 

For us, it isn’t about right or left. It’s about moving Alberta forward and putting people first. All Albertans focused on solutions are welcome in our big tent. If you believe in a moderate and evidence-based approach to politics we are the party for you. 

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If you want to learn more about where we stand you can read below or reach us at [email protected] 

  •  Strong Free-Market Economy
    • Affordable living 
    • Empowering entrepreneurs
    • Creating a strong investment climate
    • Getting oil and gas products to market
  • Effective Public Services 
    • Resilient and Accessible Healthcare
    • World-class education system
    • A hand up for those in need
  • Environmental Responsibility
    • Effective and efficient plan to combat climate change
    • Responsible land management
    • Protecting our water supply
  • Inclusive Society
    • Equality of opportunity for all
    • Respectful relations with First Nations
    • Affordable childcare