Dan Bildhauer

After a lengthy and successful career in the federal government and building a busy construction company in Edmonton, Dan Bildhauer has again answered the call to public service by being the candidate in Edmonton Meadowlark, where he has built a dedicated team and strong ties to the community.

Dan is a Liberal politician in Alberta not because it is easy, but because it is important. Mr Bildhauer is a politician with passion, vision, energy and tenacity; knowleagable of public policy, and able to motivate and energize people whose lives he touches.

As your Liberal candidate in Edmonton Meadowlark, Dan's campaign will employ winning electoral strategies such as: inspire volunteers and supporters to collaborate; significantly grow the membership; connect and listen to concerned citizens; organise outreach and funding events; and develop a policy platform rich with substance and real solutions.

At the core of Dan's political candidacy, values and guiding principles, there is a deep and sincere sense of social responsibility, and a continued devotion to serve the noble purpose of public and national interest.

Please consider supporting Dan Bildhauer's Campaign in Edmonton Meadowlark and the Alberta Liberal Party, and let's start working together to win the upcoming 2015 provincial election!