Approval of pipelines good news for Albertans

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann pleased with the approval of Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipeline.

David Swann made this statement on the approval of the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines:

“I am pleased by today’s Federal approval of the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines. This is very good news for Albertans. There is still a long road to travel before we see the jobs and investment these pipelines promise but for now it feels good to look ahead and see new growth and new opportunity.

“I and the Alberta Liberals have always supported a cost on carbon and an emissions cap on the oilsands.

“Our issue with the government’s plan has always been the lack of clarity in the way their carbon tax was to be spent and a lack of a careful analysis of the impact on Albertans and Alberta businesses. Even now, months later, we have yet to see an analysis on the potential costs of the Climate Leadership Plan independent of potential pipelines.

“We must remember that pipelines are not a sure thing. Before a shovel goes in the ground and a drop of oil goes west, the Trans Mountain pipeline must meet 157 conditions and acquire the social license of First Nations and other communities in B.C. 

“Nonetheless, today is an excellent day for Alberta and Albertans.”


Community Event in Millwoods on the Fentanyl Crisis

On November 20th a community seminar on the Fentanyl crisis was organized by Harpreet Gill (past ALP candidate in Edmonton-Mill Creek and Edmonton regional chair for the federal Liberal party) at the Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Millwoods. Donna Wilson (Professor at the University of Alberta school of Nursing and past candidate in Edmonton Riverview) attended as the keynote speaker.  ALP President Karen Sevcik and VP of Constituencies Dan MacLennan were also in attendance and brought a greeting on behalf of the ALP on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak. 


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Take a look at this!

The hard work of our leader in the legislature, our executive team, our staff, our donors, our members, and the new volunteers coming on board every day has us on the move. Since the 2015 election the Alberta Liberals have steadily gone up in the polls, and for the first time since the fall of 2014, we are ahead of the NDP in Calgary. 


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