Alberta Liberal Leader Swann shocked at the actions of the Wildrose towards visiting Premier Kathleen Wynne, calls for apology

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann made this statement on the behaviour of the Wildrose during yesterday’s question period:

“I have spent yesterday afternoon and evening in a state of disbelief at the reception of the Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, when visiting the Alberta Legislature.

“The behaviour of some members of the official opposition leaves me shocked and saddened. The treatment of Ms. Wynne – the legislature’s guest of honour – showed the worst form of partisan politics and was utterly against not only tradition, but common decency.

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Climate Leadership Implementation Act is right direction, but questions remain.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann has expressed reservations about the Climate Leadership Plan legislation introduced today. The three part bill put forward by the NDP places a tax on transportation and heating fuels, establishes a new government agency (Energy Efficiency Alberta) and makes changes to the existing Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.

“Alberta has long needed to address climate change in a meaningful way,” Swann said. “However, I’m concerned about how the government is choosing to do this.”

“The Environment Ministry has consolidated control of all monitoring and regulatory aspects of this bill; including the creation of a new agency which answers only to the minister.


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Swann calls for merit based appointments.

David Swann repeats his call for merit-based appointments to Agencies, Boards, and Commissions.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann was pleased to see the NDP government take action to reform Alberta’s Agencies, Boards, and Commissions (ABCs) with the introduction of Bill 19, but feels that the legislation does not go far enough.

“While I commend the government on bringing compensation in line with the rest of the civil service, they are missing a prime opportunity to go one step further in reforming the ABCs and introduce merit-based appointments,” Dr. Swann said.

“For years under the previous PC government we saw important appointments being handed out as political favours,” Dr. Swann added. “Even this new government has appointed NDP insiders proving that without an independent body to authorize appointments, Alberta’s most important services are vulnerable to politicization.”

“Albertans deserve and expect their Agencies, Boards, and Commissions to serve them and not the party in power. Only a transparent, non-partisan, merit-based process can secure that for them.”