Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan renews call for strict regulation of PACs in response to the release of Kenney’s Leadership financial statements.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is renewing his call for strict regulation of Political Action Committees (PACs) in response to news that Jason Kenney spent $1.5 million to become Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party.

“Nowhere in Mr. Kenney’s legally-mandated financial statements does it mention the $508,000 raised by Unite Alberta in the unregulated period before the PC race started,” says Khan. “Mr. Kenney’s team released a list of just 74 of the PAC’s self-reported 2,129 donors, leaving too many unanswered questions. There is a gaping hole in this government’s election finance reform that has made it far too easy to raise enormous sums of money from anonymous donors before a campaign actually starts.

“Last month, I proposed strict regulations on PACs, including the banning of corporate and union donations to PACs, setting donation limits, and making donations to PACs above $250 and PAC expenditures transparent to the public. The NDP government has refused to act.

“The secrecy surrounding Unite Alberta and the huge sums of money involved in this campaign are deeply troublesome,” Khan concluded. “This government needs to act decisively to reduce the impact of big money on our politics so that Albertans can be confident that our democracy cannot be bought and sold.”

OCYA’s report shows change desperately needed in child intervention process

MLA David Swann and Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan are calling the government to act on the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate’s latest report into the tragic deaths of three young children of Indigenous heritage.

David Swann points specifically to the role and support for Delegated First Nations Agencies (DFNAs) as a key part of the issue. “A successful transition of a child from government care back to their families relies on the DFNA,” he says. “However, funding for these agencies is inadequate, particularly for band designates who act as the link between the band and Children’s Services. The lack of support for the DFNAs at both the provincial and federal levels is a recurring and longstanding issue. They simply do not have the resources or time to effectively collaborate with the individuals and organizations involved.”

“Once again this report highlights the serious changes that still need to be made to the child intervention system,” adds Khan, whose legal career specializes in Indigenous Law. “In addition to his recommendations from the three cases he investigated, the Advocate repeated a call from eight months ago to enhance policies and procedures around family unification. We need to start seeing real change in how this system is run.”

“The deaths of Sarah, Anthony, and Mikwan are unspeakably tragic and our thoughts and prayers go out to their families,” Khan concludes. “We can only hope that we can learn from the circumstances surrounding their deaths and improve our systems so it does not happen again.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan calls out NDP mismanagement of PPAs in wake of Sundance Cancellations.

The Balancing Pool’s recent notice that it intends to terminate several Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs) is the latest consequence of the NDP government’s mismanagement of the Climate Leadership Plan, says Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan.

“The NDP’s failure to conduct due diligence before changing the law ended up saddling the Balancing Pool – and therefore Albertans – with hundreds of millions of dollars of debt,” says Khan. “We are paying through the nose for their impulse to leap before they look, and can expect to continue doing so for years to come.”


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