Questions regarding NDP Renewable Energy Targets


Statement from Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann on the NDP government program to have 30% renewables by 2030.

“While I applaud any effort to increase the renewable portion of Alberta’s electricity mix, and the health benefits of eliminating coal-fired electricity, the announcement today by Ministers Phillips and McQuaig-Boyd shed very little light on how the government plans to meet their target. This is a massive increase in renewable electricity generation in a market currently over-supplied and with the lowest prices in recent history.

“We aren’t told how they plan to encourage investment, what incentives they will offer new projects or, most importantly, what it will cost government and electricity rate-payers to achieve such a bold target. Albertans and investors need to know how the current market-based system will change.

“Further, they’ve not touched on how they are going to help those whose livelihoods will be severely impacted by the impending changes.

“I am also wary of yet more agencies in Alberta. This government rightfully challenged the profusion of Agencies, Boards and Commissions under the PCs; I‘m hopeful they remember the pitfalls associated with creating new bureaucracies with vague mandates. 


David Swann statement on Eid Al-Adha

From Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann
"Today is Eid al-Adha, one of the most holy days in the Islamic calendar. It is a day of prayer, sacrifice and charity; a time for family and community.
As Alberta Muslims gather together to celebrate this holy day, I am reminded once again that the similarities between all Albertans are far greater than our differences.
I wish Muslims here in Alberta and around the world 'Eid Mubarak!'

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann made this statement in support of World Suicide Prevention Day:

“This past Saturday marked World Suicide Prevention Day, a day dedicated to helping those who are in such great distress that it seems suicide is the only alternative.

A decision to end one’s life comes for many reasons: loss, addictions, childhood trauma, depression, serious physical illness. These conditions can cause overwhelming feelings of helplessness and despair.

Here in Alberta rates of suicide have become particularly alarming. Our economic situation means many have lost their jobs and are feeling desperate about the future. In the first six months of 2015, Alberta’s suicide rate rose nearly 30%. 

Given this surge in suicide, it is more and more likely that all of us will be affected at some point in our lives, whether it be family or friends or coworkers. In response, Alberta needs to provide more professional training and resources for primary care, first responders and the public.

With knowledge, training and support, many suicides can be prevented.

Below are links to resources and information that can help both those suffering from suicidal thoughts and those who are afraid someone they know is thinking about suicide: 

-       Southern Alberta Crisis Line: 403.266.HELP (4357)

-       Outside the Southern Alberta area there are several crisis centres. This link has their contact information

-       Centre for Suicide Prevention

-       Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

-       Alberta Health Services Preventing Suicide Among Youth

-       Alberta Health Services Preventing Suicide in Adults and Older Adults