David Swann to present petition urging Government to lift restrictions on rehabilitation of bears, other large wildlife

Dr. David Swann will present a petition signed by 3,234 Albertans urging the government to reassess protocols restricting rehabilitation of large wildlife:

Dr. David Swann and thousands of Albertans are calling upon the Minister of Environment and Parks to reassess, update, and complete written protocols for all species on which restrictions on rehabilitation or fostering are placed.

On the merits of the petition Swann stated, “We have a moral responsibility to help ensure the health of species in our ecosystem. Restricting rehabilitation permits prevents injured and orphaned animals from receiving the assistance and rehabilitation they need.”

If the government were to follow the advice of the petition it would allow wildlife specialists to intervene and provide medical assistance for large animals like bears, such as Russell the injured black bear south of Calgary.

Dr. Swann, along with petition organizers Lisa Dahlseide and Laurel Ambrose, will be available to media to take questions at 1:15 pm in the rotunda of the Alberta Legislature before question period.

Lisa Dahlseide is a wildlife biologist advocating for wildlife rehabilitation and for science to be reflected in wildlife management and policy. Laurel Ambrose is a member of Russell’s Private Advocacy Group (R-PAG), which spearheads wildlife rehabilitation advocacy initiatives.

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