Urgent increase in funding needed for Women's Shelters

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan calls on the Government to provide more support to Women’s Shelters

Calgary, AB - Nov. 28, 2018: Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan responds to shocking annual report from the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS).

Crisis calls to women’s shelters are up a staggering 10% over the last two years, according to AWCS. Their report also states 16,722 women, children and seniors were turned away due to lack of space in the last year. 54% of women who entered shelters faced “severe” or “extreme” danger.

Khan stated, “It is absolutely critical that we protect women and children fleeing domestic abuse and unsafe environments. We cannot expose vulnerable people—our sisters, mothers, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, aunts, and friends—to this kind risk and danger."



"Clearly, our shelters must have more financial resources. We cannot ignore their needs even during times of fiscal restraint. In fact, Alberta’s economic downturn may be spiking demand as families face increased stresses.

I’m calling on the NDP Government to provide more funding for these shelters. The Government has increased resources in the past. I applaud that effort. But clearly more must be done to deal with this critical situation.

“The Government also needs to work on other strategies to address the root causes of domestic violence. This includes addressing the struggling economy and massive jobs losses, especially in Calgary. They must expand public awareness campaigns and mental health supports.”

Alberta Liberals will continue to fight for vulnerable Albertans. They deserve our support. They deserve a safe quality of life."

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