David Khan Reacts to Kenney’s UCP Leadership win; warns Alberta not to take a step backward

Calgary, AB (October 28th, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan released the following statement on Jason Kenney‘s United Conservative Party Leadership Victory:

“I wish to offer my congratulations to newly elected United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney, his team, and his volunteers on their victory tonight. I’d also like to extend congratulations to Brian Jean, Doug Schweitzer, and their supporters for hard-fought campaigns. Politics and participating in our democratic process isn’t easy. Over the coming months I look forward to a spirited debate with Jason Kenney and the UCP about Alberta’s future."

“On the topic of that debate, I want to make a few things clear. In my view the UCP represent a step backward for Alberta. Many of Jason Kenney’s views risk undoing Alberta’s progress on human rights and social equality. Equally concerning are his Klein-era fiscal policies which threaten both Alberta’s economic future and valued public services."

“For those Albertans troubled by the regressive values of the UCP and frustrated with the mismanagement of the NDP, the Alberta Liberals offer a third choice. The times are changing and our politics have to change with them. The Alberta Liberals are the party that will move Alberta forward, not backward.”

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