Alberta Liberals respond to dark money funding UCP election campaign

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement on the UCP receiving support from third-party political advertisers financed by lobby groups like the Motor Dealers Association of Alberta.

Alberta Liberals say the UCP is driving over democracy and motoring through loopholes in election law legislation. Alberta car dealerships and lobby groups have donated $170,000 and as much as $270,000 in total corporate political contributions to “Shaping Alberta’s Future.”

This third-party advertiser or Political Action Committee (“PAC”) aims to elect a Kenney UCP Government. It is buying political access and influence. Albertans should be outraged and concerned.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan stated, “We were the first political party to advocate for strong election financing legislation and comprehensive PAC regulation with our Bill 214 (“An Act to Regulate Political Action Committees”). The NDP blocked Bill 214 in last fall’s legislative session. The current NDP legislation does not go far enough to protect Albertans from influence peddling and insider politics. The NDP Government failed to pass effective legislation. Clearly, some political parties are now putting the pedal to the metal and taking advantage of the loopholes.

“This money is paying for attack ads as we head towards a 2019 provincial election. It may be currently legal but it disrespects democracy. Alberta Liberals want to stop this type of old-time money politics. Albertans tell us they don’t want policy formed by who has the biggest cheque book.”

UCP Leader Jason Kenney is willing to Dodge election law regulations as he Rams more dollars into his campaign war chest. He continues to gas up his big blue truck with dark money while cruising Alberta to secret meetings with special interests and lobby groups. What promises did he make in exchange for that cash? What pledges is the money buying? This will disadvantage everyday Albertans. They can’t afford to buy political influence. This is not open and transparent democracy.

Alberta Liberals will continue to lead the push to protect all Albertans from political dark money. Alberta’s democracy is not for sale.

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