Time to get ready.

As the Progressive Conservatives begin their second leadership contest in three years, one thing is crystal clear:

It is not PC leaders such as Alison Redford and Ed Stelmach who are the real problem. The real problem is the old, tired and insular Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta itself.

After 43 years, Alberta Liberals know it is time for new management. It is time for change. And it is long past time for a government that will deliver a strong economy AND a strong society.

This is what we as Alberta Liberals have to offer.

We know that a strong economy isn't worth much if our schools are bursting at the seams, folks can’t get the health care they need when they need it, new graduates are in debt to their eyeballs, and our seniors aren't given the respect and dignity they deserve.

For too long, Alberta’s economic wealth has been squandered. Alberta Liberals will change that. We will harness the power of our economy to create the strong society we all deserve. And we will do it through smart, evidence-based decision making which puts people – not special interests – first.

To do good, we must first do well. The possibility of an early election is very real now. The next PC leader will be under a lot of pressure to go to the polls to get a mandate from the people.

We need to be ready.

That is why – up to the maximum allowable limit of $15,000 – I will personally match every dollar you and your family contribute by March 31st. That is a $30,000 deposit into a Victory fund!  Victory for you and all Albertans!

Please join me in strengthening the Alberta Liberals by clicking on the “DONATE” button today.

With gratitude,

Raj Sherman

Alberta Liberal Leader 

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