Time for new management at Ministry of Health: Donna Wilson

The Alberta Liberal candidate for Edmonton-Whitemud, Donna Wilson, says the PCs are clearly incapable of managing Alberta's health care system.

“The Misericordia Hospital is a potent symbol of the damage this old and tired PC government has done to our health care system,” says Wilson. “It is a disgrace that we have a hospital that cannot operate when it rains.

“Instead of wasting a quarter billion dollars on useless untendered contracts for friends and insiders, the PCs should have been figuring out how to replace this badly rundown hospital.”

Wilson says the Alberta Liberals have the expertise, as well as the commitment to sound, evidence-based policy that is so badly needed in order to repair Alberta’s broken health care system.

A former hospital and nursing home manager, as well as an esteemed professor at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Nursing, Wilson knows what our health system needs, and it starts with providing care in communities for patients requiring alternative levels of care (ALC).

"It's about investing in people,” says Wilson. “There are too many Alternative Level of Care patients in hospitals, when what they really need is home care and long-term care. Most of them are seniors who just need some help to stay in their communities near family and friends.

“They do not need an acute care bed."

Wilson says we need to invest in more nurses in order to open all the beds that are currently sitting empty in hospitals. She says it is also vital to invest in more primary care so Albertans will no longer have to go the Emergency Room for minor injuries.

“It’s all about getting the right level of care at the right time,” says Wilson. "It is time for our healthcare system to be run by someone who actually knows healthcare. We don’t need another unqualified consultant or developer running Alberta’s most important ministry."

The Alberta Liberals are the only moderate, centrist alternative capable of delivering a strong economy AND a strong society through sound policy, solid fiscal management, and proper planning

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