Alberta Liberals think BIG on democratic representation for Alberta

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues statement regarding claims the NDP and UCP caucuses are colluding to silence the voices of Albertans.

Khan stated, “It is fundamentally undemocratic to silence the voices of 350,000 Albertans in the Legislature. That is the upshot of the NDP and UCP using legislative tricks to reduce committee representation by smaller parties and independents. The Government and the Official Opposition should not be using these tactics to silence duly-elected MLAs. It is shameful. It is wrong.

“We believe independents and other smaller parties are thinking small on this issue. The truth is, our electoral system is fundamentally broken. It is unfair to smaller parties and the Albertans who voted for them.

“The “First-Past-the-Post” winner-takes-all system continues to distort election results. Albertans should have the right to vote for what they believe in. They should not be forced to make poor choices or resort to “strategic voting.” It rewards parties with 40% or less of the vote with all of the power. That must change.”

Alberta Liberals are pushing for electoral reform to improve our democracy and move towards proportional representation (“PR”).

Khan continued, “Under our proposed PR electoral system, the Legislature would more accurately represent all Albertans. Proportional representation also improves representation for women, visible minorities, and other underrepresented groups.”

Alberta Liberals want to build a better democracy. We will fight to represent ALL Albertans. Let’s think BIG.

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