Transportation and Safety - Platform Preview


Alberta Liberals are committed to safe, affordable and efficient transportation in our province. We understand the need to put focus on both rural and urban needs. We will build new infrastructure, maintain existing infrastructure and make travel safer and more affordable for all Albertans.

Supporting Public Transit

Alberta Liberals are committed to investing in public transit and infrastructure. We know how critical public transit is in fighting climate change and to the lifestyle of many Albertans. It is especially important as a cheap alternative to driving for low-income Albertans.

We will support projects like the Calgary Green Line and the Edmonton West Valley LRT projects.

Alternative to Greyhound

The Alberta Liberals will closely monitor how the market reacts to this situation and step in to address gaps in a way that minimizes government overreach while protecting the rural way of life.

Greyhound’s demise in Western Canada left a gap in our transportation service, especially in rural areas. However, we shouldn’t rush to fill it head first. Government intervention could be ineffective, inefficient or even make things worse.

Winter Tire Road Safety

Winter tires make our roads safer and save lives. That is why we support requiring all insurance companies in Alberta to provide drivers a discount for buying and installing winter tires. This will make our roads safer while saving Albertans money.

Mandatory Seat Belts on Buses

Let’s prevent future tragedies by making bus seat belts mandatory in Alberta. New studies have shown that seat belts on buses do save lives.

Safer Trucking on our Highways

The Humboldt Bus tragedy devastated us. We need to make trucking safer on our highways. An Alberta Liberal government will institute more stringent regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies.

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