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The hard work of our leader in the legislature, our executive team, our staff, our donors, our members, and the new volunteers coming on board every day has us on the move. Since the 2015 election the Alberta Liberals have steadily gone up in the polls, and for the first time since the fall of 2014, we are ahead of the NDP in Calgary. 


The polls show what we have already seen around the province, the rebuilding is REAL and we are regaining the public's confidence. 

- Just last week we had over 100 people attend our election watch party in Edmonton. 

- Over the past 3 months we have renewed and revitalized the Boards of some of our key Calgary constituencies.  

- From fentanyl to vaccinations David Swann has had significant victories influencing policies that touch all of us.   

- Two successful grassroots policy meetings last weekend which will culminate in our Policy Conference on November 26th.

We are seeing brand new, long time, and returning supporters coming together to provide the alternative to the hard right conservatives in our province. Take at look at the most recent province wide poll: 
These are exciting times to be a Liberal in Alberta; there is great opportunity ahead.  

We hope you can join us on November 26th at our Policy Conference in Calgary as we move forward together. 

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