Swann Welcomes Cannabis Legalization Report


Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann welcomed today’s release of the final report of the federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.

“I am pleased to see this first step towards legalization of recreational cannabis,” said Dr. Swann. “Under the current regulatory regime, this is a substance that has tied up enormous resources in our justice system to very little benefit.

“My one concern is the task force’s recommendation that the minimum purchase age be established at 18,” Dr. Swann added. “Exposure to cannabis has been shown to have harmful effects on the developing brain, which have the potential to create permanent damage that will last a lifetime. Recent evidence supports setting the limit at 21 years at minimum, which I hope the federal government will consider.”

Now that the report has been published, Dr. Swann is waiting to see what legislation is tabled in the new year.

“The Task Force has done excellent work, but it is now Parliament who decides which recommendations become law. We need a responsible legal framework around recreational cannabis use, in particular on matters of regulating vendors, monitoring and enforcement, and taxation.

“I commend the federal government for beginning the process of legalization, and look forward to further developments.”



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