Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann reacts to compensation deal with AMA

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has issued the following release in response to the doctor compensation deal the Alberta Government has reached with the Alberta Medical Association:

Swann stated, “A two-year freeze on fees is a reasonable deal for both doctors and Alberta taxpayers. Doctors in Alberta are the still the highest paid in Canada.  This decision has contributed to stability in our healthcare system and held the line as our economy recovers.

“I am concerned with the longstanding pay discrepancy and conflict over relative income which again arose this year between specialists and general practitioners(GPs). GPs play a central and important role in first contact, access to testing and referral, and a continuing care role that includes preventative care.

“It is also clear that more focus by both the NDP Government and the AMA is needed to make progress on alternatives to fee-for-services in order to provide outcome accountability and bring down costs in the long term.”

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