Swann calls for Northern Lab


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says a plan for a publicly funded and operated new super-lab for Edmonton and Northern Alberta is urgently needed.

“This needs to be the Minister’s top priority and we are running out of time,” says Swann. “We need a plan for a publicly funded and operated new lab and we need it in the fall budget.”

Swann’s comments come as new documents have been released warning that delays in getting a new lab built will have a severe impact on patient care. Alberta Liberals maintain that the best solution is a publicly funded, publicly operated new lab.  

Swann added that this situation further demonstrates the need for an arms-length, de-politicized governing board at AHS.

“Right now so many decisions are subject to political timing and political considerations instead of best planning and evidence,” says Swann. “As a result we find ourselves with no clear direction, much uncertainty in both management and staff, and the need to manage another crisis.

“Our most important ministry and largest budget allocation needs stability and independent, expert leadership.”

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