Swann Disturbed By Federal NDP LEAP Manifesto

Alberta Liberal Leader Swann disturbed by the NDP’s adoption of the LEAP Manifesto

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann was disappointed and disturbed by the NDP’s adoption of the LEAP Manifesto at their national convention in Edmonton.

“The NDP's adoption of the LEAP Manifesto provides a clear danger for Albertans,” Swann said. “The provincial NDP, however much Premier Notley tries to say otherwise, are indebted to their Federal brethren. It is unlikely in the extreme that the current Alberta government will be able to simply ignore the policies of the national NDP organization.”

Among other things, the LEAP Manifesto calls for:

-       A total moratorium on pipelines and oil sands development.

-       An end to all trade deals “that interfere with our attempts to … stop damaging extractive projects”.

-       An increase in corporate taxes, personal taxes and royalties.

“A progressive reduction in our carbon footprint does not mean elimination of pipelines and fossil fuel production. It means we must develop them with lower emissions, lower water use and greater benefits for our population,” Swann continued. “One example is tremendous electricity opportunities from oil sands cogeneration which can reduce emissions per barrel below those of conventional oil.”

“The challenges we face demand creative and innovative solutions, not ideological blindness.” Swann concluded.


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