Alberta Government has not learned its lesson from BSE (mad cow disease)

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann issues the following release on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

“CWD is a fatal and incurable (prion) animal disease comparable to BSE (mad cow disease) in its potential to kill humans as well as severely damage our agricultural economy for decades.

UBS prion scientist Dr Neil Cashman said last month “We appear to be waiting till CWD is found in humans” before we take serious action on control and elimination of this incurable and fatal disease

”This BSE-related, decades-old prion disease travels from bodily fluids across the deer family. It is currently spreading across western Canada in the wild after originating on game farms. Studies have shown that it is transferable to monkeys who eat infected deer and elk meat. Much like CWD’s sister disease BSE, a variant disease could become transferable to humans and threaten lives. This should spur both federal and provincial governments to follow rigorous science-based control measures.

“Mad cow disease cost Alberta $10 billion in lost markets and over 200 lives. By not taking concerted action with the federal government Alberta’s NDP Government is putting our wildlife, hunters (including indigenous communities who rely on wild game), the agricultural industry (with potential boycotts) and potentially Albertans at risk.

It’s time for the NDP Government to follow through to keep Albertans safe. Have they not learned from the BSE crisis?”

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