Swann Calls for Control and Elimination of Chronic Wasting Disease

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is calling on the government to protect Alberta’s agricultural industry and take action to control and eliminate Chronic Wasting Disease in Alberta.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a devastating and incurable prion disease found in deer. The disease has also been identified in animal waste found on wheat and plants consumed by cattle, which presents a theoretical risk that the disease could spread into our beef industry.

“What is required is action on the part of the federal and provincial governments to control this disease,” says Swann. “There is real threat here that the international community could see the danger of this disease and take steps to boycott our agricultural products.

“If we do nothing, we are risking an epidemic that could negatively affect the health of our wildlife and Alberta’s international trade interests.”

Swann repeatedly called on the former PC regime to investigate the risk of Chronic Wasting Disease. However, the former regime refused.

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