Support Gay Straight Alliances in Alberta

Here’s a question for you: Do you think all kids should be able to attend school without fear of being bullied because of their sexual orientation?

If you answered yes, you’re my kind of people. Now I need your help. Sign the petition below.


One week from today – on Monday April 7th – I am proposing a motion in the Legislature. It’s called Motion 503, and it would make it mandatory for school boards to support students who want to form Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs).

The fact of the matter is that too many LGBTQ students in Alberta get bullied for no other reason than their sexuality. That’s just wrong, and a lot of LGBTQ students and their allies want to stand up to this bullying by forming GSAs.

Sounds reasonable enough to me.

Unfortunately, though, there are school administrators who are opposed to supporting GSAs, despite very clear evidence that such alliances contribute to safer schools – not only for LGBTQ students, but for all students.

Motion 503 seeks to remove the power of Principals to delay or deny efforts by students who want to form GSAs or similar groups. Tolerance in schools shouldn’t depend on the whim of administrators. It should be a guarantee for all students in Alberta, no matter where in the province they live.

If this makes as much sense to you as it does to me, do me a favour and sign this petition. The more signatures we have, the more seriously PC and Wildrose MLAs will take Motion 503.

Make your voice heard, and join us in the Legislature Gallery for the debate on Motion 503 if you can. Your presence will demonstrate clearly to this government that tolerance in our schools is a priority.

Thanks for supporting LGBTQ youth and their allies. And please pass this message on to your friends.


Carry on boldly!
Kent Hehr
Alberta Liberal MLA for Calgary-Buffalo
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Goal: 2000 signature

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