The environment, local economies, and our water supply: these are all things the NDP are putting at risk by moving forward with the clear cutting of Kananaskis Country and Highwood Pass.

Residents of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, and High River are expressing alarm about the pace of the timber harvest as a five-year quota for cutting appears to be condensed into a single season. 

You can see the results for yourself. 


All this to create jobs in B.C.  

The NDP was elected, in part, on a promise of better environmental stewardship than the previous government. However, their lack of real action reeks of the same old P.C. approach to environmental issues: ignore them and hope they go away. 

With water supply, local economy, and wildlife on the line, we need your help to hold this government accountable. 

By signing this petition you'll help David Khan, myself, and the Alberta Liberals stand up for our environment. 

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Alberta Liberal MLA for Calgary-Mountain View, Dr. David Swann 


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