Statement by David Swann: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There is never an excuse to harm a child. It is never okay.

“Tragically, too often we see an increase in incidents of child abuse as our economy weakens. The stresses of unemployment, and individuals turning to alcohol or drugs to cope, can manifest in a vicious cycle of abuse that destroys lives.

“Abuse creates scars that can’t always be seen and that can be very difficult to heal.


“Each of us can make a difference in stopping abuse. It is up to all of us to know the signs of abuse and to say something if we see a problem. It is also essential that we have sufficient resources in our community to protect and help those who are victims of abuse. Early intervention can be the key to saving a victim from a lifetime of pain.

“Please join me in marking National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Learn the signs and be the difference.”

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