Statement on the AHS Workers Wildcat Strikes

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan’s Statement on the Wildcat Strikes by Healthcare Workers

Today, healthcare workers, primarily the 11,000 workers Jason Kenney’s UCP government plans to fire, have engaged in wildcat strikes at healthcare facilities across the province.

I stand in solidarity with them and with all Alberta’s critical frontline healthcare workers. 

At the same time, we recognise the stress this is causing patients and their families, and we place the blame squarely on Jason Kenney, Tyler Shandro and the whole UCP government. 

A global pandemic is no time to destabilise our healthcare system by being hell-bent on implementing ideological cuts or “fulfilling” campaign promises made before we began battling the most significant health crisis in a century.

Both the UCP and the NDP are to blame for putting us in this situation in the first place. Our healthcare system needs predictable, reliable funding. We need a PST. The NDP refused to do so while in government and still refuse to support a sales tax. The UCP refuses to implement one but instead is planning draconian cuts to public services. 

Our healthcare system needs every one of these workers back in their jobs, and we call on Jason Kenney to reverse his reckless ideological agenda and support these workers so they can support themselves and all Albertans. Until that time, the Alberta Liberals support all healthcare workers in their battle for safe and secure employment. 


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