Statement on Alberta’s sexual education curriculum

CALGARY, AB (October 23, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issued the following statement in support of a comprehensive sexual education curriculum:

“Today, media revealed a group of Catholic school superintendents are seeking ministerial approval for an alternative curriculum in an effort to avoid subjects dealing with sexual orientation, gender, and consent, which they have labelled as ‘problematic.’

“Simply put, this is entirely inappropriate and must be rejected.

“There is absolutely no place in Alberta for this type of formal discrimination and segregation, especially in our schools and classrooms.

“Being LGBTQ2S+ is not a ‘lifestyle’ or a ‘choice,’ and there is no such thing as ‘gender ideology.’ Likewise, claims that teaching students these subjects encourages them to engage in sexual behaviour are purely false.

“The fact that these beliefs are being promoted by some educators further reinforces the need for the province to mandate the inclusion of these topics in the sexual education curriculum and ensure they are taught in every school in Alberta.

“We need to dispel the myths being perpetuated by these superintendents by providing students with access to accurate and reliable sexual health information in a safe, supervised, and age-appropriate context.

“Any attempt to pre-empt these important educational opportunities do a disservice to students, and, frankly, to parents, who ultimately decide if their children participate in these classes.

“The Catholic school superintendents’ efforts would be better spent on aligning their policies to the spirit and letter of the law; this includes making gay-straight alliances available in every school they are requested in.”

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