Seniors Platform Preview


Alberta's seniors have built our province. The lives we enjoy today are the legacy of their contributions to society. We need solutions that make life better for seniors. We have to tackle seniors poverty, housing needs, and the need for better healthcare access.

Dedicated Seniors Minister

The Alberta Liberals will create a dedicated Ministry for Seniors Services. As our population ages, our healthcare system and social services will be facing unprecedented challenges.

In order to address the upcoming demographic bomb, we must have a Minister dedicated full-time to both the seniors' issues of today and planning for the challenges of tomorrow.

Keeping Seniors Together

Alberta Liberals support keeping elderly spouses together. Too many couples are forced to live apart as their care needs diverge. We will examine strategies to keep seniors living together, including allowing partners to live together in long-term care facilities.

Save Seniors Money

We will discontinue the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program and reinstate the Seniors School Property Tax Assistance Program, which will save seniors money.

LGBTQ Seniors 

Provisions for same-sex couples in nursing homes and long-term care should be made to help these individuals enjoy the same rights and privileges as opposite-sex partners.

Affordable Housing Seniors

The Alberta Liberals have pledged to double the funding for Affordable Housing in Alberta including critical funding for seniors' housing. 

Continuing Care

We will create 2, 200 new long-term care spaces in Alberta. We will invest $150 million into home care and assisted living. 

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