Ryan Campbell Calgary-Varsity


Ryan calls Calgary-Varsity home, but has worked throughout Alberta over the past twelve years, mainly in the oil and gas industry, and he enjoys hiking in the Rockies and Foothills of our great province.

Ryan believes that Alberta is blessed with three amazing resources: our oil and gas industry, our stunning natural environment, and our fellow citizens. All three have been neglected for too long under previous Conservative and NDP governments. A strong economy, safeguarding our environment and strong social policies are all possible under an Alberta Liberal government. As the elected representative for the riding of Calgary-Varsity, Ryan will strive to build a robust local economy through promoting small business friendly policies; advocating for a stronger provincial oil and gas economy; employing more Albertans; and taking practical action to ensure environmental protection. On April 16, Ryan asks you to vote for him as the MLA for Calgary-Varsity to advocate for jobs, our environment, and our fellow citizens. Forward. Together.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403-466-0558


For media inquiries please contact: 403-612-8796.

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