Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces Renters Protection policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan releases the Alberta Liberal Renters Protection Policy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will protect displaced renters. We know being suddenly removed from your home is stressful. We will help with short-term financial aid.

“We will require landlords to pay $750 in relocation benefits to tenants displaced by a building disaster. Renters can use the funds to help them find temporary accommodations. We will amend the Residential Tenancies Act to ensure landlords fulfill this requirement. It will be the law.

“Kensington Manor residents here in Calgary-Mountain View were given 15 minutes’ notice to leave. It was a traumatic experience for these 125 people. They were not responsible for this emergency. But they paid the price. They suffered financial hardship. We will not let this happen again.

“The NDP have left renters behind. They have also not approved new condo regulations. They have failed to protect people in these extraordinary circumstances.

“Alberta Liberals stand with vulnerable Albertans. We will protect them in rental emergencies. We will not let them suffer financially. We will do what is right.”

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