Q1 Fiscal Update

The Alberta Liberals have a bold plan to tackle Alberta's deficit while preserving services and creating jobs. What's the best way to defeat the debt? Grow the economy. Government spending is up $5.3 billion due to the pandemic but revenues have dropped $11.5 billion. We need to replace that shortfall in revenue with new economic growth. The Alberta Liberals have a 5 point economic plan to get Alberta's economy back on track:


It's Time for a Sales Tax!

In the last election, economists called the Alberta Liberal revenue-neutral sales tax "the most pro-growth idea of the campaign." You might be asking: how does taxing Albertans the same amount grow the economy? The answer is simple: how we tax matters. By taxing spending rather than producing we incentivize more economic activity. We can accomplish that by lowering income tax while bringing in a sales tax. Total taxation stays the same but the economy grows under the Alberta Liberal tax plan.

Education and Training 

Too many Albertans were out of work before COVID-19 and now it's only worse. If Alberta wants to restart its economy with sprinting and not crawling it needs to help out-of-work Albertans learn new skills. An Alberta Liberal government would invest heavily in this area to get Albertans working and attract new investment starting with a $400 million back-to-work grant program

Invest in New Energy

The world is changing and the need for Alberta's energy is diminishing. Albertans should be proud of our energy industry. With hard work and innovation, we powered the world and built good lives for ourselves. Now we need to take that same hard work and innovation and apply it to emerging energy industries in order to rebuild our economy for the 21st century. An Alberta Liberal government would invest in programs, grants and research to work with industry to turn Alberta into renewable energy economic powerhouse. 

Infrastructure Spending

We need roads. We need public transit. We need schools and hospitals. Let's keep Albertans working by building the things we need. Alberta Liberals would make historic infrastructure investments to keep Albertans working today while building the better Alberta of tomorrow. This would include new roads, new hospitals, new schools and working with municipalities to create world-class public transit systems. 

Cut the UCP waste, not our services

The UCP is positioning to use these deficit numbers to cut even more of the services you and your loved ones rely on. We don't need fewer teachers and nurses. We need more. Instead, the government should focus on cutting their own wasteful spending boondoggles including:

  • End the $30 million dollar War Room fiasco.
  • End the witch hunt public inquiries that spend millions to blame economic woes on environmental groups.
  • End the wasteful constitutional challenges. 

The best way to tackle Alberta's red ink is to accept that Bold is the New Black.


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