Protect LGBTQ Youth


David Swann call on Education Minister Eggen to clarify his stance on LGBTQ regulations.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is calling on Alberta’s Minister of Education to clarify comments he wrote in a letter to an activist opposed to Gay-Straight Alliances and the new LGBTQ guidelines.

“The entire legislature stood up and supported the LGBTQ community by passing Bill 10,” Swann said. “The minister himself has talked repeatedly about how important the new transgender regulations are to keeping children safe. Yet now we appear to have a letter from him stating these rules are merely ‘guidelines’ and ‘not legally binding’.”

Media is reporting that Minister Eggen wrote the letter in an attempt to clarify the new rules after an activist posted comments to social media.

“The minister needs to let Albertans know exactly what his ministry’s intentions are. The LGBTQ community needs to know their rights are protected and school boards of all types need to have clear guidance on what is expected from them,” Swann concluded. 


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