Protect our Children


This week in Question Period Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann called on the government to take action to improve Alberta’s vaccination rates.

“Action is required to protect Albertans, particularly Alberta’s children,” Swann said in Question Period. 

In the last legislature, Alberta Liberals took the PC government to task for their failure to improve vaccination rates in Alberta.

“This is going to be a major issue facing the government in the next several years,” said Swann. “We’re calling for a system that simply requires parents or guardians who choose not to vaccinate their children to be informed of the risks of not doing so and to sign a waiver recognizing and accepting those risks.

“Knowing the risks will improve vaccination rates.”

While the Minister was non-committal in question period, Swann remains hopeful the government will take action soon.

“Another school year will soon be upon us and we need to get our vaccination rates up. I’m optimistic the government will look at our proposal and do the right thing.”


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