Get Involved: Policy Committees

We want you to be part of building a better Alberta!

The Alberta Liberal Party believes in evidence-based policy rooted in strong Liberal values. Our Leader David Khan is committed to blending grassroots policy development with high-level expertise to craft the best possible policies for building a better Alberta. To achieve this we need your help!


Your Ideas Matter

We're looking for engaged citizens to join our policy sub-committees and help us craft Liberal policies that will make life better for Albertans today and tomorrow. Policy sub-committees will work directly on policy proposals for our next policy convention as well as advise the Leader and his team on ongoing and emerging issues in Alberta politics.

We're also looking for Alberta Liberal members interested in getting involved with their local Alberta Liberal association to develop policies at the local level. 


How to Get Involved 

Getting involved is easy. Simply provide us with your contact information in the form below and let us know in the text box which of the following policy committees you are interested in and what your relevant experience or expertise for the selected committees are. If you are interested in an area of policy not listed, please let us know what areas you are interested in that are not included. 


If you're interested in getting involved in policy development locally, fill in the form and let us know what constituency you reside in. If you don't know what constituency you reside in, simply provide us your address. 

We look forward to developing a forward-thinking vision for Alberta with you! 


Policy Committees 

  • Education
  • Finance and Economy 
  • Justice
  • Democratic Reform and Municipal Issues 
  • Environment 
  • Indigenous Issues
  • Human Services and Poverty Reduction  
  • Health 
  • Infrastructure and Transportation 


You Can RSVP for the join AGM/Policy Convention where finalized policies will be debated and passed by Alberta Liberal members here.