Policy and Principles Convention 2016: Framing the Future


The Policy and Principles Convention will be a chance for Liberals across the province to come together and frame the future for the Alberta Liberals. 

The event will be held at the Brentwood Community Association In Calgary on November 26th and is ticketed at $40.00 dollars to cover the costs of the venue and lunch. All members in good standing are welcome to come and vote. 

You can register for the event by clicking here and view our agenda below. If you want to help us promote the event on social media please use #ALPfuture to help spread the word. You can learn more about the event by reading below. 


Policies and Review Process

You can find draft submissions of all our policy resolutions here.



Leading in to the convention you can help make our policy resolutions a success by sending your input. We want to hear from you. 

If you have suggested edits of any kind for any of our policies you can send them to [email protected] before 12:00 pm November 23rd.

From there we'll send them off to the movers of the policy resolution.They will have the option to amend their policies before submitting a final draft. 

Policies can be further amended by majority vote on the floor of the convention. 

Values Discussion 


As the Alberta Liberal Party embarks on updating its mission statement we'll be consulting with members across the province through online surveys, local meetings and everything in between.

Kicking that process into high gear will be our Values discussion at the convention. We want to hear from you what being a Liberal in Alberta means and your ideas on how to best communicate the values that inform our work to better Alberta!


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