Policy and Ideas

The Alberta Liberal Party is about ideas.

The Alberta Liberals believe that we must champion our strong values in government. We are fiscally-prudent, a party that proudly supports socially progressive change, and that cares deeply about our stewardship of the environment. It is our duty to run effective and efficient governments, that respects the autonomy of the individual, and that safeguards the environment. This way we build both a strong society and a vibrant economy.

Party Policies

Policy in the Alberta Liberal Party form the core of our message as a party, a springboard for our caucus in the legislature to champion, and are the skeleton that forms the party platform every election.

In the 2012 election more than 95% of the platform was crafted from member-supported and member-passed policies from Policies General Meetings. These policies have all been passed by our membership and form the core of the values that this party seeks to showcase to the province and to Canada as a whole.

These policies, and these underlying values, will always form the core of the platform come the next provincial election. 

Please bear with us as we add more information to the website. If you are interested in more information or need a question answered please email our office at [email protected].

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