Platform and Policy Previews

The Alberta Liberals believe in moving Forward Together. Our core values are freedom of the individual, equality of opportunity and fairness to future generations. Past Alberta Governments have governed based on short-term politically-motivated interests. Our platform is designed to create an Alberta where we don't just make life better today, but plan for a better tomorrow. We are committed to creating choice and opportunity for Albertans. We believe in coupling a free-market economy with dynamic world-class public services and environmental protections. We believe in a Government that doesn't run society but steps in to help the most vulnerable when it can. 

We hope to earn your vote this election, not with rhetoric but ideas. We will release our full platform during the course of the campaign, but here you can find those policies already announced, and a preview of our ideas for a more just and prosperous Alberta. 

Platform policies already announced:

Finance and Tax Cuts   Jobs/Economy 

Education   Indigenous Policies

Gender Equality  New Canadians

Municipal Affairs  Democratic Reform

Energy, Pipelines, C-69, and Equalization

Poverty Reduction  Healthcare  

Platform policy previews (to be announced during the course of the election campaign):

 Justice  Environment

Human Rights


Post-Secondary/Adult Education

Agriculture  Consumer Protection

Labour  Seniors  

Arts and Culture  

Upcoming Events