David Khan statement on Premier Notley’s threats to reduce pipeline oil exports to B.C.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan has released the following statement on Premier Notley’s pipeline threats in the 2018 spring legislative session throne speech and news conference:

“This is not 1980, its 2018. Letting B.C. “freeze in the dark” by cutting our oil exports is mean-spirited grandstanding. This is cutting our nose off to spite our face – reducing our own revenues.

“We can’t defend Alberta by dividing Canada. This isn’t a national energy strategy, it’s a political ploy to win votes.

“The Premier isn’t just gambling with our relationship with B.C., but sowing chaos across our entire economy. We need a Premier who can negotiate a better deal to move the pipeline forward, not resort to reckless threats and intimidation to get her way.

“I continue to support the twinning of the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline. I understand how important this project is to job creation and the economy in Alberta, and for safely transporting our petroleum products to new markets. What I cannot support is this divisive and counterproductive approach to getting the pipeline built.”

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