Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues Pakistan Independence Day statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues this statement on Pakistan Independence Day:

“I’m honoured to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with all Albertans of Pakistani heritage. On this day 71 years ago in 1947, the sovereign state of Pakistan was created following the end of the British Raj.

“This day holds special significance to me as an Albertan of Pakistani descent. My father and his family immigrated from Pakistan to a new life in Alberta. Canadian values of inclusion, multiculturalism and diversity have given my family and many others the chance to achieve a better life in their new home in Canada.

“Alberta Liberals support these values which help provide equality of opportunity, fairness, and freedom for so many. Pakistani Albertans have worked very hard in building this province. We value their contributions and commit to empowering the Pakistani community to achieve even greater success in Alberta.

“To all Pakistani Canadians, thank you for all you have done for this province and this country.

“Happy Pakistan Independence Day!”

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