Alberta Liberals react to Kenney’s outrageous Senators Legislation

Alberta Liberal Party Interim Leader John Roggeveen has issued the following statement regarding the outrageous “Senators Legislation” proposed by the Kenney Government.

“This is the last straw. We all know that this government has an “attack Ottawa first, ask questions later” approach to governing, but this has crossed a line. This latest bill: from the UCP isn’t just sabre-rattling; it’s an assault on our fundamental freedoms. Outlawing Albertans from cheering for the Ottawa Senators is just plain wrong.

“This is clearly retaliation for the UCP’s carbon tax defeat in the Supreme Court of Canada. Albertans should be free to cheer for any hockey team they wish, no matter how bad they are. That is our right as Canadians. 

“I find this decision ironic on multiple levels. First, we have a government with a Minister of Red Tape Reduction creating a law to prevent something that no one is doing, even in Ottawa. Let’s be real here. The Senators have fewer fans than the Alberta Liberals had votes in the last election. This legislation is entirely unnecessary.  Adding to the irony is that Ottawa Senators’ owner Eugene Melnyk’s relationship with fans was a clear inspiration for Tyler Shandro’s relationship with Alberta’s doctors. 

“With this latest move, Kenney has proven his credibility equals the number of Stanley Cups won by Melnyk’s Senators: ZERO. It’s a shame picking premiers does not work like an NHL draft. If it did, Alberta would be getting first pick overall in the next election.”

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