Alberta Liberals Recognize Orange Shirt Day

On Orange shirt day we remember one of the most horrific chapters in Canada’s past: the taking of Indigenous and Aboriginal children from their homes, families and communities to force them into residential schools. This was an act of cultural genocide, the consequences of which are still being felt to this day. We must make sure that this truth is taught and remembered. 

The Alberta Liberals urge that we learn from this horrific past and make every effort to combat the systemic racism faced by Indigenous and Aboriginal Canadians today. The fact that over 65% of youth in Alberta’s state care are Indigenous despite only composing 10% of the child population shows that much more needs to be done to keep young people in their communities and with their families. That is why we are calling on the Alberta Government to fund the start-up of new regional Indigenous child protection offices, to be organized by, gifted to and run by First Nations in Alberta. 

To learn more about the Alberta Liberal Party’s positions on Indigenous and Aboriginal issues you can view our 2019 platform here

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