Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan release Orange Shirt Day statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issued the following Orange Shirt Day statement:

“Orange Shirt Day is a time for reflection on a terrible chapter in Canada’s past. Indigenous and Aboriginal children were taken from their homes, families and communities. They were then forced to attend residential schools where they were abused, stripped of their culture and denied their identity. This created generational trauma that continues to damage people and society.

"It was racist. It was hurtful. It was wrong.

“We wear orange shirts on this special day to raise awareness of the past and to learn the lessons needed to improve the present.

“67% of youth in Alberta’s state care are Indigenous despite only composing 10% of the child population. We must work to ensure these children are treated with compassion. We must not make the same tragic mistakes and tear them away from their communities and culture.

“More importantly we must address the underlying systemic issues that have led to this shocking statistic. We must close the funding gap between First Nations communities and the rest of Canada.

“Alberta Liberals encourage all Albertans to wear orange shirts to help with recollection. Let’s work together to help the healing for all Indigenous people.”


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