• Interim Leader John Roggeveen Slams Far Right UCP Curriculum

    Posted by · March 30, 2021 11:05 AM

    Yesterday the UCP released their Draft K-6 curriculum. It is deeply troubling. It is taking us backwards. 

    Educators say we’re teaching the wrong things in the wrong ways. Parents worry the curriculum is too ideological. It dances around the issue of climate change. The changes to social studies are bizarre.

    The greatest failure of all, however, is the decision to cut teachers out of this process. Their expertise and experience are sorely needed to salvage this curriculum -- if it can be salvaged at all. The fingerprints of Kenney and the UCP are all over this. The document is the disastrous result of the UCP thinking they know better than educators. 

    We will continue to review this curriculum and solicit feedback from parents, teachers and concerned Albertans. We want your voice heard. If you have any thoughts on this, you can share them with us at [email protected]. We also strongly encourage you to provide that same feedback directly to the government here

    The Alberta Liberals will continue to raise awareness of this curriculum’s problems and amplify teachers, parents, and other stakeholders’ voices. The future of Alberta depends on getting this right.

  • Reflections on COVID-19 One Year Later

    Posted by · March 11, 2021 1:29 PM

    Reflections on COVID-19 1 Year Later

    Today marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. In that time, people and governments across the globe have been tested and pushed to the limit. Worldwide, humanity has persevered and adapted to slow the spread of the disease, develop vaccines and treatments, and build back better. Looking back at this tumultuous year, we want to touch on some of the lessons learned. 

    Social Supports 

    Over this last year, the inadequacies of our social supports have been laid bare. While the pandemic has put unprecedented strain on these systems, it is also true many of us have seen just how vulnerable we are to circumstance.

    The CERB and CRB from the federal Liberal government prevented an economic and social disaster. They showed us the importance of readily available direct income transfer in combating poverty. The Alberta Liberals are proud to have called for a temporary Universal Basic Income to fight this emergency. While the immediate crisis may be coming to an end, there will never be an end to individual challenges, and it is clear that the time to consider a permanent UBI has come.

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  • International Women's Day Statement 2021

    Posted by · March 08, 2021 1:05 PM

    Alberta Liberal President Helen Mcmenamin and Interim Leader John Roggeveen issue the following statement on International Women’s Day: 

    “On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women’s achievements and contributions to all aspects of society and recognize the heroic efforts and courage of those women who have fought for women’s rights. Despite all the progress, we must take even more action to reach gender equality. 

    The gender pay gap in Canada is the 7th worst among OECD countries, with Alberta having the largest gap in the country. We also lag in areas such as representation on corporate boards and the availability of affordable childcare. Both the long-term and short-term impacts of the pandemic threaten to deepen this existing inequity. All levels of government must act now.

    “The Alberta Liberals are calling for the introduction of pay equity legislation. Alberta is the only province in Canada without pay equity legislation. This is unacceptable. We are also calling for disclosure requirements that will require both the private and public sectors to publish data on pay gaps within their organizations.

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