• Statement by David Khan on Transgender Day of Remembrance

    Posted by · November 20, 2019 12:39 PM

    Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues Statement on Transgender Day of Remembrance 

    Calgary, AB - Nov. 20, 2019: Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement in recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance: 

    Khan stated, “Transgender Day of Remembrance is an important and solemn time. Today, we mourn those who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence. Although we have made progress towards awareness and acceptance of trans peoples, today reminds us that they are still horrifyingly vulnerable members of our society.

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  • Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan reacts to UCP Budget Preview

    Posted by · October 24, 2019 1:24 PM

    Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan comments on the first United Conservative Party government budget. 

    Khan stated, “This looks to be a short-sighted budget that will inflict needless pain on Albertans. The UCP has decided to cut services. This is the wrong approach. There is a better way. 

    “The clear solution is a sales tax. Alberta Liberals suggested a revenue-neutral sales tax in the provincial election. Experts called it the most sensible economic policy of the campaign. It will get Alberta off the resource revenue roller coaster and allow for stable budgeting. It will also spare all Albertans the trauma of cuts and more job losses. 

    “Renowned economists like Jack Mintz and organizations like the C.D. Howe Institute and the Parkland Institute all endorse a sales tax in some form. But, Premier Kenney and the NDP Opposition won’t even discuss this practical, positive strategy to solve our spending issues. They have no political courage.

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  • David Khan's Op Ed on Indigenous Ownership of TMX

    Posted by · August 23, 2019 3:07 PM

    Published in the Edmonton Journal on Wednesday, August 21st: 

    Indigenous Ownership Of TMX is a Win-Win-Win

    "..... Section 35 of our Constitution legally requires us to respect current and future Aboriginal and treaty rights. In practice, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled this creates a duty on the federal government to consult First Nations whose lands and rights are affected by a project and accommodate their concerns. This duty is most important where treaties have not yet been concluded.

    Most of B.C. is not covered by treaties with First Nations. The modern treaty process in B.C. has resulted in the successful conclusion of only the Nisga’a Treaty.

    There is no constitutional override of Section 35.

    ownership of TMX would help meet this legal obligation, advance reconciliation and achieve other important goals for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. These include job creation, genuine empowerment of Indigenous communities, improved safety and government program support.


    New projects based on new ways of thinking will lead to a brighter future for Canada. Indigenous people will achieve economic independence and self-determination. Overcoming pipeline gridlock will boost our oil and gas industry. Sending our resources to higher-priced international markets delivers self-evident benefits to all Canadians.

    All of this further strengthens the social and economic bonds that unite this great country.

    Indigenous majority ownership of TMX will be a win-win-win."

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