• Alberta Liberal Stance on Coal Mining

    Posted by · January 18, 2021 1:44 PM

    Over four decades ago visionary Premier Peter Lougheed looked ahead at protecting nature in Alberta. Right now Jason Kenney is looking back 50 years for ways to help foreign companies get rich. 

    The Alberta Liberals unequivocally support both the reinstatement of the Lougheed era Coal Policy and its strengthening. We must protect our Eastern Slopes and other landscapes for the following reasons:

    1. Protecting our Water: Unregulated coal mining will have devastating effects on our headwaters, compromising the Alberta and Saskatchewan water supply.
    2. Habitat Protection: Protective regulation is critical to preserving the natural habitats of threatened species such as grizzly bears. 
    3. Preserving Natural Beauty: Alberta's pristine nature is both crucial to our tourism industry and a legacy for our children. It should not be compromised so that foreign companies can earn some quick cash. 
    4. Combating Climate Change: Climate change poses a greater risk and a greater cost to humans and the rest of nature each year. We need to be looking at reducing our carbon footprint, not ramping it up. 

    For the reasons above, we are part of Albertans' growing chorus speaking out against this disastrous policy.

  • Minutes of the AGM 2019

    Posted by · November 27, 2020 3:36 PM

    Alberta Liberal Party

    Annual General Meeting

    Minutes of Meeting

    Saturday, November 16th 2019, 1:30 PM

    Venue: Chateau Nova Yellowhead, Edmonton, AB


    The Alberta Liberal Party AGM was called to order at 1:30 pm by the Chairman of the Meeting, Graeme Maitland.


    Adoption of Agenda:

    It was moved by Michelle Robinson (Calgary-East); seconded by Jerry Moore (Red Deer South) that the Agenda be approved as presented. All in favour; Motion Carried.

    Approval of Minutes from the 2018 AGM:

    It was moved by Leila Keith (Calgary Currie); seconded by Michelle Robinson (Calgary-East) that the minutes of the 2018 AGM be approved. All in favour, Motion Carried.

    Remarks from Leader, David Khan

    Alberta Liberal Party leader David Khan gave a speech in which he thanked past candidates, the outgoing executive, the review committee and donors. He discussed the current political climate in Alberta and his vision for a strong future for the Alberta Liberal Party. 

    President’s Report

    Graeme Maitland (outgoing president of the ALP) presented his report. He spoke of the 2019 Alberta Liberal Party campaign; the Alberta Liberal Party ran a budgeted campaign and did not run into a deficit. The party had a positive campaign, with a consistent, bold and forward-thinking platform. He also discussed the current position of the party; due to there being no elected MLA’s, the party does not have caucus resources and is in need of volunteers and donors. Graeme thanked Aleks Samardzija (Chief Financial Officer) and Gwyneth Midgely (Executive Director) for their work.

    It was moved by Devon Hargreaves (Lethbridge-East); seconded by Leila Keith (Calgary Currie) that the President’s Report is accepted. All in favour, Motion Carried.

    Chief Financial Officer Report

    Aleks Samardzija Presented the 2018 Audited Financials. It was stated that the Alberta Liberal Party is not in debt, as a total income revenue of $217, 000 was reported. The total expenditure reported was $237, 000 out of which $17,000 is transferred out to the constituencies. A deficit of $20,000 based on the report, however, the Alberta Liberal Party had approximately $70,000 in the bank, at the end of last year. Aleks reported that currently, the party has roughly $25,000 in the bank, with monthly donations totalling around $4,500 per month.

    Aleks Samardzija also Presented the Financial Statements from the 2019 Alberta General Elections. The Alberta Liberal Party raised just under $78,000 from February 1st 2019 to June 16th 2019. These donations include monthly donors and one-time donors. Total spent in the campaign was approximately $76,000. Aleks stated that there was a deficit of approximately $28,000, however, that was due to other expenses incurred (such as paying staff, running the office, etc.). There was overall no deficit for the campaign return.

    It was moved by Graeme Maitland (Calgary-Buffalo); seconded by Cathleen McFarland (Calgary Currie) that the 2018 Audited Financials and Financial Statements from the 2019 Election be accepted as presented. All in favour, Motion Carried.


    Membership Fee Vote:

    Article 2, section 3 of the Alberta Liberal Party bylaws requires that the membership fee be voted on annually during the AGM. The current membership fee is set at $10.

    • John Roggeveen (Calgary Fish-Creek) proposed the motion to keep the membership fee the same (at $10). Aleks Samardzija (Calgary Mountain View) seconded the motion.
    • Motion turned over to the floor for debate.
      • John Roggeveen (Calgary Fish-Creek) spoke in favour of the motion. He stated that $10 is reasonable for everyone to pay.
      • Cathleen McFarland (Calgary Currie) – Against the motion. She stated that a membership fee greater than $10 is a better option.
      • Leila Keith (Calgary Currie) – In Favour of the motion. She stated that she is not in favour of raising the membership fee and it should remain the same because it will allow for youth to become members. A higher membership fee may deter youth from joining.
    • Amendment proposed by John (Calgary Glenmore): interested members should have the option of either buying a membership for a fee of $10 or be required to volunteer one hour of their time for the party.
      • Speaking against this – this would be difficult from an administrative purpose
      • Members voted on the proposed amendment, the majority of members vote against the amendment, amendment not carried
    • Returned to the main motion of keeping the membership fee at $10
      • Vote on motion, all in favour, motion carries and membership fee remains at $10
    • Article 2, section 3 of bylaws – turn over to the floor
    • Currently set at $10
    • Motion: John Roggeveen, Calgary Fish-Creek, motion to keep the membership fee the same at this time
      • Aleks Calgary mountain view seconds the motion
      • Turned over to the floor for debate
      • John: discussion of why it should remain the same.
      • Cat MacFarland, Calgary Currie: speaking against the motion.
      • Leila Keith: not in favour of raising it (due to youth)
    • Amendment: buy a membership of $10 or volunteering one hour of time. Proposed as an amendment: John from Calgary-Glenmore, 10 dollars plus one hour of volunteer work
      • Speaking against: Administrative nightmare, against this amendment
      • Vote on amendment: the amendment is not carried
    • Back to the main motion of keeping the membership at $10
    • Motion carries, the membership fee remains at $10

    Introduction of Incoming Executive:

    The incoming executive was introduced. All incoming executives were acclaimed. In advance of the AGM, each individual was required to submit a nominator, a seconder and 10 signature. These were all received by the Alberta Liberal Party and all incoming executives were acclaimed to their respective positions:

    • President: Pete Helfrich (Calgary Mountain View)
    • Vice-President: Susan Belec-Nobbs (Edmonton Riverview)
    • Treasurer: Aleksandar Samardzija (Calgary Mountain View)
    • Secretary: Ken Munro (Edmonton City Centre)
    • VP Constituencies: Helen McMenamin (Lethbridge East)
    • VP Policy: Brandon Teixeira (Edmonton NW)
    • Past President: Graeme Maitland (Calgary Buffalo)

    Leadership Convention Vote:

    Chief Returning Officer, Keagan Wynychuck, explained the rules of voting for a leadership convention. After every AGM, pursuant to the bylaws, a vote on a leadership convention is required. Keagan Wynychuck explained the process of receiving a ballot and voting – members had to submit their voting placard in order to receive a signed ballot. A “NO” vote is a vote against a leadership convention and continuation with David Khan as Leader. A “YES” vote is a vote in favour of a leadership convention, and this opens the floor to other leadership contenders.

    Results: 93 members voted against having another leadership convention, 4 members voted in favour of having a leadership convention.

    As a result, David Khan will continue as leader of the Alberta Liberal Party.

    Motion to destroy the ballots – It was moved by Jerry Moor (Calgary Red Deer), seconded by Leila Keith (Calgary Currie). Motion moved; ballots destroyed.

    Closing Remarks by President Pete Helfrich:

    Incoming President, Pete Helfrich, discussed his path to politics and encouraged everyone to take part in the process. He spoke on his leadership style and his vision for the party. He discussed the feeling of alienation amongst some members of the party and spoke on how he would resolve this issue with the assistance of the executive board members. Pete Helfrich discussed that he wanted to see the Alberta Liberal Party be a great organization and will continue to work with the board on policies, bylaws, and achieving success as a political party.


    Graeme Maitland (Calgary Buffalo) moved, Michele Robinson (Calgary East) seconded that meeting be adjourned. All in favour; motion carried; meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.



  • David Khan steps down as Leader

    Posted by · November 22, 2020 7:29 PM

    The Alberta Liberal Party Announces the Resignation of Leader David Khan.

    Calgary, Alberta — November 22nd, 2020: The Alberta Liberal Party announces the resignation of Leader David Khan.

    Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is stepping down to accept a new employment opportunity in law. The party thanks him for his service as Leader since 2017.  Khan developed bold new policies, modernized party operations and recruited a new generation of young Albertans to the Alberta Liberal Party.  

    Khan stated, “During my time as Alberta Liberal Leader, we were powerful advocates on significant issues including regulating Political Action Committees, remediating orphan wells, eliminating school segregation rooms, and addressing the “red alerts” crisis in EMS. We pushed the provincial government to take action on these matters of concern to Albertans. We also raised awareness and grew support for Universal Basic Income, and the necessity of a sales tax. I was proud to advance these forward-thinking ideas to improve the lives of Albertans. 

    “It has been an honour to serve Albertans and the Alberta Liberal Party.”

    The Alberta Liberal Party Board of Directors will meet shortly to decide the next steps for the Party.