• David Khan Op-Ed on Combating Systemic Racism

    Posted by · July 16, 2020 12:19 PM

    Click here to read David Khan's op-ed in the Calgary Herald on combatting systemic racism.

    David's message is clear: It is not enough to call for a conversation, table another motion, or create another task force. We must act now.

  • Lethbridge Votes on Conversion Therapy

    Posted by · July 13, 2020 12:31 PM

    Today's the day Lethbridge City Council votes on whether to ban conversion therapy. David Khan and past-Liberal candidate Devon Hargreaves have lent their voices to speak out against this barbaric and hateful practice.
    Thanks to The YQueerL Society for Change and Dr. Kristopher Wells for the graphics and their incredible activism on this issue.
  • Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan's statement on UCP's COVID-19 Economic Recovery

    Posted by · June 30, 2020 12:27 PM

    Our future needs a *real* plan. 🌎

    On June 29th, Jason Kenney revealed his plan for economic recovery. It won't surprise you to hear there was little to celebrate. 

    The UCP plan:

    • makes no mention of green jobs, renewable energy or economic growth through education
    • pretends Alberta was already enjoying a rebound in oil prices and strong economic growth forecasts pre-COVID-19 (hint: we weren't)
    • relies on accelerated corporate tax cuts
    • boasts of “historic” infrastructure investment – most of which was already in the 2020-21 budget


    This is a missed opportunity. 

    It is time to invest in a long-term strategy to transform our economy.

    The Alberta Liberal plan includes:

    • job-creating investments in renewables and green energy
    • effective supports for the tech, tourism and film industries, not just “sector-specific strategies to be announced later” platitudes
    • historic investments in education and job training 
    • universal child care to help women get back in the workforce 
    • a pro-growth sales tax and reduction of personal income taxes
    • a universal basic income to provide dignity and hope for all 


    Alberta doesn't need to settle for a sluggish recovery that leaves us no better off than we were before. We need strategic investments in the foundation of a new, stronger, more resilient and sustainable economy. 

    For more information on our vision, please check out our 2019 Election Platform and 2020 Shadow Throne Speech. To support our vision, please make a donation here.